Thursday, 6 June 2013

Reading Rewards

Reading is intrinsically rewarding. It can entertain us, provide a refreshing escape from reality, teach us things we didn't know already or make us feel better.

With the help of NW libraries it can now also reward us in more tangible ways. For the second year running, the NW Libraries’  partnership Time To Read, is running the Reading Rewards adult reading challenge. People who read 8 titles from different categories will be entered into a prize draw with a chance to win a £50 shopping voucher.

Children have been challenged to read for several years through the Reading Agency’s Summer Reading Challenge. This has been enormously successful in promoting the joy of reading to young people.  We want adults to have the same opportunity: to read alongside their children if appropriate, or just to take part themselves.

We had some great comments from people who took part in our pilot Reading Rewards challenge last year, including The joy of reading for pleasure, making time to discover new authors and interests, is like being a teenager again!And
I have just completed the Adult Reading challenge! I feel elated.  It has done me so much good as it has encouraged me to read books outside my comfort zone.
To take part in Reading Rewards ,  pick up an entry form in any NW public library or enter on-line here.  Following the closing date of October 31st, each local authority (NW only) will select one winner from a proverbial “hat”. One winner will also be selected from the on-line entries (NB winners must ne NW Library users)

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