Friday, 13 September 2013

Reading Rewards - 7 weeks to go.

Reading is intrinsically a rewarding activity.  It can entertain us, teach us things we didn't know, help us feel better and occasionally provide a  refreshing escape from the world around us. With the help of North West Libraries, readers now also have the chance of being rewarded with prizes.

For the 2nd year running , NW Libraries , through the Time To Read partnership, are offering the Reading Rewards adult reading challenge. To take part, all you  need to do is to read 8 books between now and October 31st, each one from a different category. The choice of title is entirely open, as long as they fit one of our categories. Library staff can help you make your choice, if necessary.

Children have been offered a reading challenge for many years via The Reading Agency's Summer Reading Challenge. This very popular summer activity has encouraged many children to read and they are rewarded for doing so. I saw a very excited child in my local library last week, running round telling everyone they were being rewarded for reading 2 books.

 We want adults to have the same opportunity.  Maybe not to run around, but to be challenged and rewarded. So, with 7 weeks to go, why not challenge yourself ? Enter the book you have just finished, plus one each week between now and the end of October, and you will be eligible to enter. Anyone can take part in Reading Rewards, via a form from a NW library or by entering online here. NB only people using a NW Library will be entered into the prize draw.   The picture shows one of last year's lucky prize winners

Each library authority will pick one lucky winner from a proverbial "hat" to receive a £50 shopping voucher, just in time to treat yourself for Christmas. There will also be one prize winner from any on-line entrants.

Good luck