Friday, 13 July 2012

Reading Rewards

Very busy over the last couple of months organising Reading Rewards, an adult reading challenge running across NW Library services over the summer and up to 31st October 2012.
Children have been challenged to read more for a number of years via the Reading Agency's Summer Reading Challenge. There is also the Six Book Challenge for emergent readers.

Reading Rewards  now being tried out, is  for the main body of adult readers who perhaps want to broaden their reading or read more than usual over the summer. Time To Read is offering shopping voucher prizes for readers who read 3, 6 or 10 books from different categories of book. Library staff will be monitoring which the most and least popular categories are over the course of the promotion. Perhaps this will lead to some new and intersting insights into adult reading habits in this region.

One of the main purposes of Reading Rewards is to offer the opportunity for adult parents and carers to demonstrate to children that reading can be enjoyed at all ages. Many parents encourage their youngsters to take part in the Summer Reading Challenge. Now , at least in this region, they have no excuse for not borrowing something themselves and could be rewarded for doing so.

Full details of Reading Rewards can be found on the Time To Read website, along with a printable version of the entry leaflet.

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