Friday, 8 July 2011

Wherever the plot takes you

Where does time go? More than 3 weeks already since I last wrote anything here. That's not because, regrettably that I've been on holiday, but there has been so much going on and so much news to keep up with, that its tricky getting time to reflect. Every day at the moment , or so it seems, there is news of library closure decisions being reversed or delayed, judicial reviews and new authors joining campaigns. Its really encouraging that there seems to be so much support for library services and so many writers who realise the important role libraries play in giving access to books to people of all ages.

To our own activity here in the NW: reading The Observer yesterday I was pleased to find a double-page spread about books to read in top holiday destinations. This fits perfectly with our own Reading Places promotion. 10 writers have picked 10 top holiday destinations and recommended some relevant reading. You can see the whole list and additional reader comments here.

I note in the comments, Claire Armitstead of The Guardian says:
Please do ask everyone you know to contribute to this list of suggestions. If we get enough we'll make a dinky little map with all your recommended reads on it next week, which would be a great resource for all those holiday-bound readers over the next few weeks. I'm off to Germany - just north of Nuremberg. Any suggestions welcome. Preferably not involving rallies, of any sort!

From a Reader Development point of view, the recommendations given are varied, with most of the writers choosing something classic alongside a fiction & non-fiction title, offering a range of substantial reads. Even if, like me, you aren't heading off abroad this year, this list can help take you to some favourite destinations, in your imagination.

Elsewhere library staff in the region are starting to organise Reading Places events. Keep an eye on the listings for news of these.

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