Thursday, 17 June 2010

Pages Ago Plans for Wigan

It’s gone kind of quiet in here...
Like a lot of us, I can’t blog at work. (I can view the blog, but not post, reblog, comment, or interact in any way). This is from home...
But we still have a great promotion with tons of potential to engage with new readers, cross boundaries, and generally increase happiness. Let’s enjoy it!
We (Wigan) have some things in development...
I am starting a History Reading Group in, and in partnership with, our new Museum of Wigan Life (The fully refurbished, very nice, former History Shop).
I’m also starting a Shakespeare Reading Group in Leigh.
And we are hosting a Victorian Murder Mystery Evening during the Ashton Festival in September, with more stuff to come.
A book recommendation: I’ve just finished Michael Chabon’s excellent “Amazing adventures of Kavalier & Clay”. It’s set between 1939 and the 1950’s, and is about two Jewish cousins in New York . Their perspective on events in Europe and their attempts to help their families left behind, and to urge an end to America’s neutrality before Pearl Harbor contrast with the utter pointlessness of their war service.
The novel is also a love song to the golden age of Comics, a wry and well-observed look at the complexities of family life, and a tender and understanding account of emerging homosexuality.
Like all MC’s work, “Kavalier and Clay” is remarkably well-written in rich and exhilarating prose that the reader can roll about in.. It won the Pulitzer Prize, and deserved to. Pure pleasure!
Stephen L

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